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Game of Life


This project addresses interests in implementing Conway’s Game of Life(GOL) algorithm in 3D, using Python script and Rhino as visualization tools. GOL is a cellular automaton simulating the formation of life form based on their relationship with the neighbors. From a randomized point clouds, GOL is then applied, determining thee state for each cell either live or dead. The project went though several experiments with the interests in finding the most interesting formal behavior of the algorithm. At the further stage of the exploration, point cloud was given colors as an indicator of the lifespan for each cell. The more generations of GOL, the more depth of shades and the more dynamic the populated formation is present.


Encoded Matter Seminar Spring 2014, Columbia GSAPP



Ezio Blasetti



Li-ling Lin, Yao Xu

My Role


Python scripting, Grasshopper scripting